A fresh brand experience rooted in trust.

Breaking the mold.

Cysurance, a leading provider of cyber risk solutions for small businesses, needed a strategy to differentiate itself in a crowded space. So, it turned to Hot Paper Lantern to develop a new brand strategy along with a modern, forward-thinking and sophisticated identity, designed to accelerate and differentiate this insuretech’s business.

Research showed us that target customers wanted an inviting experience, one not focused on fear, but on simplicity, stability and ease-of-use.

HPL translated Cysurance’s brand identity into their new website, different graphic treatments, and, of course, their logo.

While the speed and technology of today allow all types of businesses to get to market faster than ever, Hot Paper Lantern’s exceptional team meets the challenge of urgency while understanding the nuances that captivate attention in a noisy world.

Kirsten Bay, Co-founder & CEO

With these foundational brand elements in place, now we’re helping Cysurance accelerate a marketing communications program to raise brand awareness and generate leads among small business owners.