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December 6, 2019

It’s Spotify’s week, in case you couldn’t tell

What happens to your Twitter when you die? And, big surprise, fake accounts are still plaguing social media platforms

November 22, 2019

Gonna tell my kids these were newsletters

Black Friday is next week, so we’ll be taking the week off to (not) go shopping. Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating

November 8, 2019

Remember Quora the explorer?

Perfect. Six Facebook ad trends just for you.

November 1, 2019

A real whodunit of removing some politics and emojis

We’ve got the steps to get you started on your next LinkedIn campaign

October 25, 2019

Your days as the Instagram lurker are over

Did you know your fave business-focused social platform (LinkedIn) has a newsroom with 65 journalists?

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October 18, 2019

The end of world leaders’ social media engagement rates as we know it

Facebook continues to have an interesting take on free speech…

October 11, 2019

But wait, what’s Firework?

This week, Facebook doubles down on its policy to allow politicians to go unchecked

October 4, 2019

The Zuck is ready to spar with Elizabeth Warren, if needed

Attorney General William Barr and Europe take on Facebook, we break it down

September 27, 2019

TikTok likes your face, but here’s why you might want to be concerned

Now Facebook is testing hiding your likes–starting in the land down under

September 20, 2019

The jig is up. It’s time to pay the toll, troll

Find out how influencers are making money off their “close friends”

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