A story of innovation and impact

NFP, a leading insurance broker and consultant, sought Hot Paper Lantern’s help to transform its brand from a loose collection of business units, known primarily as a benefits broker, to a modern, cohesive and sophisticated insurance company, with services spanning P&C, corporate benefits, retirement and wealth management solutions.

After years of aggressive acquisitions, NFP needed a clear, multi-channel strategy to achieve the following:

Clear understanding of the barriers, nuances and needs of customers and prospects across P&C, corporate benefits, retirement and private wealth solutions.

A set of compelling and emotive messages to articulate NFP’s value proposition, differentiate from competitors and be applied across channels.

A comprehensive media relations program to elevate industry awareness of its integrated insurance services, gain and reinforce reputational credibility and illustrate specialized insurance offerings to key customer segments and industry verticals.

A robust social media program to elevate further its CEO’s thought leadership platform and amplify P&C, corporate benefits and wealth management research and insights.

At the heart of its evolution is a strong emphasis on innovation. Two years ago, NFP launched a venture fund and innovation lab to underscore its digital sophistication and investments in emerging technologies to drive specialization. NFP is now perceived as an insurance brokerage that is technologically and digitally-savvy; profoundly knowledgeable about industry and customer needs; a “conduit” for tech players and the companies they’re trying to target; and, perhaps most importantly, personally committed to the success of its clients, prospects and employees.

Our work with NFP is not over. The evolution continues. But the results are a fresh, integrated and cohesive brand with greater brand awareness, a clear articulation of business lines and value proposition to the market, clients, employees and prospects; and a more seamless experience for audiences across channels.