A fresh brand experience rooted in trust.

Cysurance, a new insurtech that provides cyber risk solutions to small businesses, faced the daunting task of breaking into a crowded and complex marketplace. Aware it would need to build and communicate a brand that resonated both with investors and its end-user, it turned to Hot Paper Lantern to develop a brand strategy, along with a modern, forward-thinking and sophisticated identity.

As a first step, we needed to get to know the end user and what makes them tick. Research showed that, although cyber threats induce fear, customers wanted an experience that focused on the positive. So, while messaging would need to touch on the risks involved with running a small business in an era of cyber risk, the brand articulation would need to spotlight the simplicity of Cysurance’s offering, the stability it offered, and its ease of use above all else.

With these priorities defined, HPL created a brand identity for Cysurance. We then translated that identity into a logo, graphic templates, and a simple, one-page website that would support the formal launch of the brand.

Once these foundational elements were in place, Cysurance increased its credibility and secured a differentiated position in the market. Already, it has attracted several new investors and partners in pursuit of its brand mission.

While the speed and technology of today allow all types of businesses to get to market faster than ever, Hot Paper Lantern’s exceptional team meets the challenge of urgency while understanding the nuances that captivate attention in a noisy world.

Kirsten Bay, Co-founder & CEO

The future of insurance is rapidly shifting, and we’re excited to help this cutting-edge brand continue sharing its story with the world. As the business continues to grow, we look forward to the next phase of our work together, which will focus on leveraging an integrated marketing program to expand the brand’s awareness and generate new leads.