Launching Hot Paper Lantern

Behind the scenes with CEO Ed Moed and the bold step he took to create a different type of agency.

My wife and I sat in a diner and talked about where the market was headed. A bell went off that day and we never stopped from that day forward.

Welcome to Bold Steps and Misses presented by Hot Paper Lantern. In this series, we’ll shine a light on those who push the communications industry forward, on digital marketing trends, on bold ideas that can be applied to your business and misses to avoid. Today, we hear from Hot Paper Lantern’s CEO, Ed Moed about how he took a bold step and created a new agency in response to how the communications and marketing industry is shifting. By remaining curious, Ed explains why this is the right time to commit to a new playbook for solving client problems.

Could you just tell me a little bit about Hot Paper Lantern, what sort of services do you provide?

We created Hot Paper Lantern for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I came across an interesting fact that I read somewhere and I experience it all the time. I read that over 60% of communications and marketing campaigns fail. They don’t fail for the obvious reasons; they fail because companies have the wrong technology. Knowing that that premise exists, we looked at how we could work to help companies put the right infrastructure in place to help make their marketing technology work better for them.

Understanding how we can help companies leverage technology to drive more efficient marketing, and then fusing that with our experience and passion around branding and communications in this digital age is what we do really well.

What makes you different?

What I feel like we have that’s a nuance and that’s unique is the mindset of what a boutique management consulting firm has with the expertise of an agile, fast moving marketing and communications agency. I like to equate it to the idea that we’re the Green Berets. It’s fun, you have to be passionate but it’s hard work. When you, even if you had a successful company that had many clients and profits and assets and people, go and create something that might be 40 or 50% different, it’s really hard work! It’s a daily adventure and there’s no denying though that it takes a lot of time and effort.

Is there anything that you’re particularly excited about in this new year?

I’m excited for 2019. I’m excited for the fact that our clients largely are really seeing how much value we provide and how much we care. That’s led to some significant growth. I’m also really excited to spend time with our people as we learn together and collaborate to provide more value as we get bigger and better at what we’re doing.

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