You’re in Client Service. Any Advice? Yes, Don’t Be an A*****e

Matt Panichas, VP, Client Service 

Psst. Who, me? Yes, I’m talking to you. This disembodied voice – the one rattling around in your brain trying to dispense wisdom. “Don’t write that.” “Don’t say that.”  You’re in communications. Shouldn’t you adhere to two of the basic tenets of your discipline – listening and empathy? And, really, the rudimentary principles that guide being a decent human being?

What are we talking about here? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let’s start off with this premise. “Don’t be an a*****e.” A bit crude, yes, but also undeniably true. Allow me to elaborate.

Hot Paper Lantern launched a little less than one year ago. And by all measures, things are going well. The business is growing. Staff is expanding. We’re winning new business. Creativity and passion are flowing. There’s also a lot of change. In our industry; what it means to be an agency in a digitally driven platform economy. Marketing and PR folks, along with so many others, hear about massive disruptive change, fueled by AI, data and machine learning. Yet, at the heart of it all, lies a fundamental truth about agency life and client service that has endured for decades: Emotional intelligence, listening and empathy are what it’s all about.

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