Money Talks: Webinar

Measuring Crisis Response When The Going Gets Tough

November 5th, 2018 at 11:30AM-12:30PM EST

Many have asked, “What’s the cost of crisis?” Hot Paper Lantern set out to define the real, measurable impact of such an event on a business and its bottom line, based on how fast and effective a company responds. The result is the proprietary HPL Crisis Response Index, which quantifies the impact of a crisis and a company’s response marked by fluctuation in stock price and market capitalization. Built on deep analysis of 400,000 articles, 80,000 social mentions and over 50 crises impacting 45 major brands, the Index captures 30 years of historical data to draw actionable insights.

Moderated by AMEC Board Member and Chair of AMEC North America, Nicole Moreo, this webinar will feature a walk-through of the Index and a discussion with Hot Paper Lantern President Ted Birkhahn and Vice President of Analytics Jason Baik. They’ll discuss the key findings from their research, tips for measuring the impact of a crisis response, and key learnings you can apply when a scandal rocks your business.

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