Account Based Marketing and The B2B Buyer Slog

Mike Friedin, Chief Strategy Officer

Giving a business the ability to better target and enable sales through more personalized message and content delivery has evolved to one of the hottest topics among our B2B clients. Account Based Marketing (ABM) theoretically gives business leaders a way to influence and optimize the existing accounts on its client roster, but the jury is still out on whether it’s actually working or if ABM is just the another trend with a lot of buzz.

Gartner recently published some data and thought leadership around the B2B buyer journey that throws some gas onto the fire (“Win More B2B Sales Deals”, Gartner, 2018). The gist: you have to enable the buyer through a combination of both digital and human channels. Sounds simple enough, until you check out this graphic. Jeez.

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In the study, which included 750 B2B Buyers, the data shows that information consistency across channels and ease of access to appropriate tools and resources is essential to ABM success. One critical stat: 90% of all buyers reported revisiting‚ or looping back‚ to at least one job as part of their overall purchasing process. According to Gartner, there are 6-10 stakeholders now as part of a B2B buying process, further complicating the job and intended benefits of effective ABM.

Increasingly, clients are coming to Hot Paper Lantern to help with these challenges. Whether it’s disentangling disparate messages from the same company across channels or increasing the incidence of high-quality deals by ensuring buyers are receiving consistent, helpful and easy-to-access information through tools and resources across their journey, HPL is constantly adapting to client lifecycles and accelerating to deliver unique and effective enablement programs.

Enablement for us means working at the intersection of BXTD to deliver impact and plot the best strategy, communication, content, technology, and analytics to ensure your program is delivering the right message to the right individual at the right time in the right channel.

Whether you call it ABM or Buyer Enablement, there are clear approaches to ensuring your campaign or program gets up and running and meets its goals

We also employ unique tools and resources to get there. HPL Echo, our mobile, cloud-based SaaS engagement platform, allows us to customize and deliver powerful programs around:

  • Learning and Development
  • Sales Enablement
  • Employee Experience
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Analytics

To illustrate, we are working with one healthcare client to reimagine and re-engineer an existing program with poor adoption and data points. We are creating a fresh digital strategy that is a complete overhaul of the treatment paradigm for their category. This includes better targeting of prospects, improved adoption rates and engagement tracking, content delivery with any time, anywhere connectivity, and ease of access to acute information at a critical time in the customer journey. The end result: a great customer experience and increased revenue for the client.

In essence, our strategic vision is brought to reality and delivered through HPL Echo. To learn more about our enablement programs, reach out to Mike Friedin at