Bold Steps and Misses Podcast Series

“CMOs have to keep pace with technology if they want to improve customer engagement and create more personalized experiences.”

In our inaugural episode, Hot Paper Lantern’s (HPL) Chief Strategy Officer Michael Friedin talks about helping clients respond to technology advances, make data-centric decisions, and create a more customized customer experience. “There’s different ways to build technologies into what you’re doing from a sales and marketing standpoint. Within that dynamic we can build a unique stack of capabilities that’s differentiated that can work in any part of your organization.”

What else does Mike cover in this podcast?

  1. Place a bet on microservices and digital enablement…

Microservices addresses a key problem for many businesses. “One of the challenges today revolves around back-office function and how slow things are – legacy challenges and major investments that were made over many years that slow innovation down and prevent the business from getting to market with new thinking as quickly as possible.” By looking at issues through a micro lens, digital marketing agencies like HPL can build solutions from a brand level to “increase revenue generation, create greater efficiency, and meet other important benchmarks (for the organization).”

  1. “How do you start becoming a future centric business while you’re actively running your business today?” Know that no industry is immune to disruption.

Very often, businesses know they need to change, but don’t know where start. It’s hard to invest at the IT level because by the time you build something, it’s onto the next thing. A single gateway to multiple API’s is the way forward.  

Links & Resources:

The Digital Enterprise: An interview with Michael Friedin discussing the challenges of establishing a digital footprint and how the future will rely heavily on microservices and digital enablement.