Your Content Should Look a Lot Like a 19th Century Bride

Kayleigh Taylor, Senior Content Strategist at Hot Paper Lantern


Remember that old wedding rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?” If you don’t, the jingle dates back to 1870, and it refers to the garments a bride should wear on her big day.  

It’s also great advice if you’re a content marketer.

Hear us out.

Creating proprietary content always seems like a great idea. Your executives need thought leadership pieces to share with clients! You need a post for social! Content is King!

While the intentions are solid, it takes a steady stream of relevant content to attract a following and produce ROI. This can become a huge time suck when you run out of new topic ideas, and many companies fall into the trap of writing just to write.

Don’t let that be you. When the pipeline runs dry, remember this mantra:

Something old. Look back at the content you’ve produced so far and identify what has worked well. Is there a blog post or byline in particular that everyone loved? If so, can you recycle it with updated data and insights? Can you write a part two or create a series? Hopefully, the answer is yes. If not, you can at least repurpose the content on social media to spark a new wave of engagement.

Something new. Of course, you will still have to come up with new ideas. For completely fresh content, consider conducting a survey to collect data. Data will open the gates to a variety of new story ideas while allowing you to weave in graphics and other visuals that boost engagement. If a survey isn’t an option, try aggregating data from other sources, adding new insights to make it your own. 

Something borrowed. Have you ever looked at another company’s site or read an article and been like, “#*%$, I wish I thought of that!”? We all have. You can’t plagiarize, but you can certainly cover someone else’s material, add your take, and link out to the original copy. In fact, engaging with influencers is a great way to gain visibility.

Something blue. The news is a gold mine for content and a great way to lure in your audience. Take a current event and add some color. How does the news impact your industry? Will it affect your customers and clients or their businesses? You get the idea.

A silver sixpence in her shoe. A what? Most people don’t know this line because it was dropped from the original English rhyme. We’re bringing it back for this article because it’s an important tip for content marketers. If you produce a strong piece of content, put some money behind it! Run a paid social campaign, for example, to attract your ideal customer to your company’s page.  

We know writing copy that is relevant and authentic is a lot easier said than done. Still, by adding noise to a marketplace that is already loud and cluttered, you only do your company a disservice. You might be wedded to your content, but your audience most certainly is not.